Police Representation

We've walked a mile in your shoes

Police Representation

“Defense lawyers and police officers often don’t mix – except when you choose Borys Law. As a former police officer, I have a unique understanding of the processes and politics officers have to navigate on the job and I fully understand what’s on the line when you’re facing a criminal allegation, PSA charge, SIU investigation, or OIPRD complaint.” -Simon Borys

Criminal Allegations

When you are a police officer, being convicted of a criminal charge can completely derail your life and your livelihood.

Borys Law has successfully represented police officers in numerous jurisdictions in a variety of matters. It is one of the greatest signs of success for a defence lawyer to be chosen by police officers to represent them in their own defence and we are proud to represent our police officer clients. When you hire Borys Law, you get more than a vigorous defence – you get an advocate who has walked a mile in your shoes.

PSA Charges

We understand the difficult decisions you need to make on a daily basis and what it’s like when those decisions are called into question.  We understand police service and police association politics.  We understand the Police Services Act and it’s potential consequences for your career.  And whether it’s PSA or criminal charges alone or both, we’ve got your back.

Complaints Resolution

Why wait until a complaint to your service or the OIPRD becomes a PSA charge?

Contact us to assist in preparing your formal response to a complaint. A professionally drafted response to a complaint can help to achieve a swift and informal resolution.  It can also help set the stage for a successful PSA defence down the road, if it comes to that.

Borys Law also assists in preparing you for your interview with your Policing Standards Branch and can even be retained to accompany you to the interview to ensure you are treated fairly and your position is articulated properly. Trust someone who’s been through this process to assist you when you’re going through it.

SIU Representation

Being under the scrutiny of an SIU investigation can delay or even derail your career.  Whether you are a witness officer or a subject officer you should insist on legal representation throughout an SIU investigation. Although the Supreme Court recently decided in Schaeffer v Wood that officers do not have a right to speak with a lawyer before preparing their notes in an SIU incident, there is still a great deal that a lawyer can do for officers involved in these situations.

Borys Law can be retained by officers to:

  • Ensure you understand your legal rights and obligations during an SIU investigation;
  • Assist you in preparing your will say, follow up notes, or other reports; and
  • Prepare you for your interview with the SIU and even accompany you to the interview


Let us use our experience to keep your career on track.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) Claims

Getting injured on the job as a result of someone’s criminal actions isn’t just “part of the job.” Many police officers are not aware that, like every Ontarian, they are entitled to compensation of up to $25,000 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for physical or psychological damages sustained as a result of a criminal act (which includes things like Assaulting a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest, Dangerous or Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm, Flight From Police, etc).

Borys Law has successfully obtained financial compensation for officers who have been physically or psychologically injured in exactly these situations.

For injured police officers we do not charge any fees for filing criminal injuries compensation claims on their behalf. We get paid on a contingency fee basis, meaning we take a portion of the award for damages from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board if, and only if, there is one. The only thing our clients pay for these applications are disbursements (for copies of medical records and the like), if there are any. 

If you have been injured on the job, there is literally no downside to retaining Borys Law to assisting you in pursuing the compensation you are entitled to.