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What happens if a parole officer doesn’t complete paperwork before a prisoner’s parole hearing?

Parole officers must do case preparation for all prisoners going for parole. This requires the parole officer to complete paperwork for the parole hearing, such as an Assessment for Decision, Correctional Plan, etc.

This paperwork is generally ready for the hearing, but sometimes it isn’t. If it isn’t ready, prisoners may be asked by their parole officer if they want to postpone. If the prisoner doesn’t want to postpone, the Parole Board of Canada still has the ability to adjourn the hearing for up to two months (whether the prisoner agrees or not).

The Board has information standards it has to maintain to ensure quality decision-making. It cannot properly conduct a hearing and render a decision without certain correctional documents. Other documents (like Psychological Assessments and Community Assessments) may not be strictly necessary to adjourn for, but proceeding without one may make it more challenging to get parole.

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