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What happens if a student leaves before a non-academic misconduct case ends?

If a student leaves Queen’s University before the n0n-academic misconduct case wraps up, then the university may either suspend the process or continue with the case.

In cases where the process is suspended, it may be re-opened if the student returns at some point in the future.

Even if a student leaves Queen’s University and doesn’t participate, the case can still go ahead.

This can have serious repercussions. For example, if the appropriate sanction is found to be a requirement to withdraw, then this is notated on the student’s transcript and the university will inform anyone who has received a copy of the transcript. An indefinite expulsion results in a permanent transcript notation that cannot be removed, and temporary suspensions are noted on the transcript for at least the duration of the suspension.

So if a student leaves and avoids dealing with a complaint, it might not be easy or possible to get into another school or program.

Borys Law is committed to helping minimize the short- and long-term consequences students face in the non-academic misconduct process. We have experience representing students at hearings and negotiating informal resolutions. For advice or representation, contact us.