• <p>Advocating for your rights</p>

    Advocating for your rights

    Parole and Correctional Law

  • <p>Guiding you through incarceration</p>

    Guiding you through incarceration

    Parole and Correctional Law

  • <p>Helping you get home</p>

    Helping you get home

    Parole and Correctional Law

Borys Law is one of only a few law firms in Ontario practicing exclusively in the areas of Parole and Correctional Law.

We advocate for the rights of clients at all jails and prisons in Ontario and help them get back to their families. We are also actively involved in bringing about positive change in the correctional system by bringing test cases and constitutional challenges and intervening in important cases at the Supreme Court.

Our Commitment

Client Service

Going to prison can be one of the most traumatic experiences of a person’s life. That’s why we take the time to educate, inform, listen, and above all, advocate, so you can rest assured that your interests are being taken care of.


Everyone deserves to have the law applied with an even hand. We know that if you’re seeking representation, you’re already under a lot of stress. You can trust us to handle your case with discretion, tact, and honesty.

Experienced Guidance

With experience in policing, criminal defence, and Correctional Law, we are in a unique position to guide clients, and their families, through the process of incarceration.

Meet Simon Borys

Simon Borys

Simon Borys is a former police officer turned Correctional Lawyer. He regularly appears before the Parole Board of Canada, the Ontario Parole Board. He has extensive experience representing clients at all jails and prisons in Ontario in hearings and appeals, habeas corpus applications, disciplinary court, grievances, and judicial review.

Simon is a Board Member of the Canadian Prison Law Association and Chair of the Association’s Advocacy Committee. He regularly represents the Canadian Prison Law Association in its interventions at the Supreme Court.

Simon regularly lectures to other lawyers and law students on correctional law.

  • Juris Doctor (Queen’s University Law School)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Legal Studies and Criminology (St. Jerome’s University & University of Waterloo)
  • Canadian Prison Law Association (Board Member and Chair of Advocacy Committee)
  • Criminal Lawyers Association (Jails and Prisons Committee)
Publications and Speaking Engagements
  • Presentation to Standing Committee on Justice Policy on bail reform on behalf of the Canadian Prison Law Association (Ontario Legislature, 2023)
  • Presentation on parole (Criminal Lawyers Association Spring Conference, 2023)
  • Presentation on parole (Destination CPD, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2023)
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  • Provincial vs Federal Custody – article in For the Defence magazine, vol. 41, no. 4 (2021)
  • Presentation on parole and correctional law (Law and Mental Disorder Association, 2021)
  • Presentation on parole, temporary release, and COVID-19 (Toronto Lawyer’s Association, 2021)
  • Panelist on corrections panel (Criminal Lawyers Association Recent Call Conference, 2020)
  • Presentation on temporary absences and parole during COVID-19 (Legal Aid Ontario, 2020)
  • Presentation on alternative release remedies (Nikki Knows, 2020)
  • Panelist – Bail, Parole, and Prisoners (Ontario Bar Association, 2020)
  • A Practical Guide to Correctional Law – paper presented at the DCAO/CCLA annual conference in Montebello, QC (2019)
  • Creative Uses of Habeas Corpus – paper and talk presented at the Canadian Prison Law Conference in Halifax, NS (2018)
  • Panelist – Sentencing and Correctional Law (Criminal Lawyers Association Recent Call Conference, 2017)
  • Training for Correctional Service of Canada officers on arrest authorities, use of force authorities, riots, and right to counsel (2015)