Experienced Representation

A Principled Approach

About Borys Law

Borys Law is one of only a few law firms in Ontario practicing exclusively in the areas of Parole and Correctional Law . We use a collaborative approach within the firm, meaning that all of us work on all of the firm's cases. This allows us to provide the best service we can to all our clients.

In addition to advocating for the rights of our individual clients, we also regularly bring test cases and constitutional challenges in court to try to bring about positive changes in the correctional system, both federally and provincially. We also intervene in important cases at the Supreme Court on behalf of the Canadian Prison Law Association.

Types of cases we handle

We represent clients at all federal and provincial institutions in Ontario on:

  • Parole hearings and appeals
  • Involuntary transfers
  • Grievances and judicial review
  • Other matters such as record suspensions and submissions for voluntary transfers or penitentiary placement

A Clear Process

Initial Consultation

We are always happy to receive emails and phone calls inquiring about our services. We understand that choosing a lawyer is a big decision and that you might want to speak with us to discuss your matter before deciding whether you’d like to retain us. Our initial consultation should give you all the information you need to determine if we are the right fit for you.

Client Education

We understand that you have likely never been to jail or prison before and are probably confused and scared. That's okay. A big part of our process is educating our clients to help reduce their stress and anxiety. With this you should be well equipped to face the challenges of incarceration.

Ongoing Case Management

While you won't necessarily get to make a lot of decisions throughout your incarceration, you will get to make some, and those decisions can be important. We are here to help guide you through those decisions, so together we can manage your incarceration as best as possible.