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FCA declares inmate a vexatious litigant

Overview In Canada (Attorney General) v Fabrikant, 2019 FCA 198, Stratas JA declared the respondent, Mr. Fabrikant, to be a vexatious litigant. Stratas JA discontinued his ongoing proceedings and barred him from bringing new proceedings without leave of the Court….

What can I expect during a prison visit?

Every institution has slightly different procedures for prison visits, but the following points apply to many institutions:   You’ll have to sign in at the entrance—make sure you have photo ID.   If you have any unauthorized property, you’ll need…

Who decides if a federal inmate gets parole?

Ultimately, the Parole Board of Canada decides whether federal inmates get parole, but others provide recommendations to help the Board. These include: Community Assessment Team (CAT). This typically consists of individuals like parole officers, police officers, community representatives, halfway house…

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