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How do parole appeals work?

Prisoners can appeal decisions of the Parole Board of Canada to the Appeal Division. In addition to appealing a denial of parole, prisoners can also appeal the conditions imposed on parole or statutory release. Prisoners need to submit their appeals…

5 Things to know about the Parole Board of Canada

1. The Parole Board of Canada (“PBC”) is an independent administrative tribunal. The PBC is separate from Correctional Service Canada (“CSC”). CSC is responsible for managing prisoners’ sentences, and CSC makes recommendations to the PBC regarding parole, temporary absences, etc….

COVID-19 and medical isolation in prison

In response to COVID-19, Correctional Service Canada has enacted various policies. One of these policies allows for medical isolation to avoid prisoners who have the virus spreading it to others. Medical isolation is required for: Prisoners coming into prison (following…

Can prisoners challenge a penitentiary placement?

Federal prisoners are assessed over several weeks or months after they are transferred to a federal penitentiary. The prisoner’s parole officer then recommends a security classification (minimum, medium, or maximum) and penitentiary to place the prisoner in. The final classification/placement…

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