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9 Correctional terms federal prisoners should know

Correctional Service of Canada documents use lots of acronyms and terms that can be hard to understand. Below is a list of some of the most common ones:

  1. FPS number – finger print serial number (this is an inmate’s unique ID number assigned by CSC)
  2. UTA – unescorted temporary absence
  3. ETA – escorted temporary absence
  4. DPE – day parole eligibility
  5. FPE – full parole eligibility
  6. SRD – statutory release date
  7. WED – warrant expiry date (this is when an inmate’s sentence will be complete)
  8. LTED – long term supervision expiry date (only applies to those designated as long-term offenders)
  9. APR – accelerated parole review (only inmates sentenced before March 28, 2011 may be eligible)


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