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Are provincial prisoners released immediately when granted parole?

Provincial prisoners who are granted parole by the Ontario Parole Board are generally not released immediately.

A parole hearing may be held prior to the prisoner’s parole eligibility date. If the prisoner is granted parole, then the Ontario Parole Board will generally order that the prisoner be released on parole at some point following their parole eligibility date.

Even if a hearing is held after the prisoner’s parole eligibility date, the release will generally not be immediate. Often, the Board will delay the release for about 10 business days, which allows the Ministry time to prepare the necessary paperwork and make arrangements for the prisoner’s transportation.

It may be possible for the Board to shorten the period between when the prisoner is granted parole and ultimately released. It may also be possible to seek a temporary absence permit to allow a prisoner to be released a few days before their parole eligibility date.

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